1st Place Shannon Shepherd! Lost 6.6lbs & 13.3% body fat!

Congratulations to our 8 participants who completed the challenge! We are very proud of all of you and your accomplishments!

Most weight lost by Marisa 12lbs!

Average weight lost per participant = 5.9lbs

Most body fat lost by Shannon 13.3%!

Average body fat lost per participant = 2.85%

  1. Shannon Shepherd  6.6LBS  13.3%BF
  2. Marisa Chavez             12LBS     2.5%BF
  3. Kerri Mull                      9.6LBS     1.3%BF
  4. Amy Elias                      4.6LBS     1.0%BF
  5. Teresa Eichner            8.4LBS     1.2%BF
  6. Michelle Barth            3.2LBS     1.1%BF
  7. Patricia Colbert          1.6LBS     1.3%BF
  8. Catherine Davis          1.5LBS    1.1%BF