Bobbie Lost 33 Pounds


When I started my personal training regiment with CJ I was intimidated by the gym, let alone those big scary machines. CJ walked me through each machine showing me I could do the exercises and that I was stronger than I had ever imagined. 

He taught me that I could conquer not only my fear of the gym, but also my weight issue. I had tried every fad diet and would simply yo-yo within 10lbs. My personal training sessions with CJ helped me go from 189lbs to 156lbs. This was amazing to me as I had struggled with my weight for years. 

CJ helped me with more than just my weight issue he also helped me to increase my confidence. I realized I was in control of my life through personal training. I had to stop training due to a foot injury and during that entire time CJ would call and check up on me. Making sure I was doing ok and keeping up with my food journal. He became a friend and not just a trainer, anyone who has a chance to train with CJ will definitely better their health and their lives!

Derald Lost 41 pounds


My name is Derald and I am a 50 year old Jacksonville native. I went for a check up and the results left me extremely depressed and unmotivated to be around that much longer. I was sent to get additional tests with other doctors for every test in the book, you name it I had to see them. Every doctor visit required a payment which was an added inconvenience.

Two months passed and I realized the doctors were not helping me to fix the problem. I found out my niece was training with CJ and getting great results. It was at this moment I decided the weight needed to come off and I made the call. I started attending CJ's QUIK FIT classes at a weight of 375lbs. CJ quickly analyzed my issues and suggested a meal plan, and  cardio routine in addition to the QUIK FIT classes that were great. The progress I experienced in the classes led me to 1:1 personal training with CJ to further my progress and develop a fitness plan specific for me. 

I lost 41lbs and my body fat percentage is decreasing as well. I have a lot more energy, strength, endurance, and most importantly my renewed confidence. Exercise has become a way of life for me again and I am feeling wonderful. I would highly suggest to anyone to take that first step of trying a free session or class and let CJ change your life today.

Tara Lost 68lbs


My name is Tara and I  started personal training with CJ because I wanted to lose weight. In the first eight months I lost 68 pounds and have been able to keep the weight off. I currently continue to take QUIK FIT classes which are really fun group environment of friends that gets your day started on a high note. I also have continued my personal training sessions with CJ that push me to accomplish more of my fitness goals.

If anyone has a fitness goal they'd like to achieve I would highly recommend CJ, he's great!  



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